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Kimberley Wallis is a photographic artist located in Melbourne, Australia. 

The work of Kimberley focuses on capturing the dramatic scenes of commuters as they travel to and from the city of Melbourne each day.

"Public transport is the great equaliser, people from every socioeconomic situation will use the trains and their stories rush past without a whisper. At any time you can go to a train station and see a snapshot of our society and what we have chosen to become"

Fascinated by the movie like imagery that is created through the use of doorways, windows and reflections Kimberley's work stretches the technical ability of mobile phone's to capture these scenes.

"All of the images are created using a mobile phone. I like the simplicity of it, and trying to stretch the detail it can capture. I don't multi composite images, but rather use what is captured in camera to develop a style and representation of what I see with my eyes." 

Kimberley has had work exhibited in Australia, Europe, United States, and Russia in group exhibitions, and has won numerous awards for her work.

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